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In the spring of 1999 Styx contacted Ioannis to work on their first studio album in over a decade ; Brave New World. Ioannis had previously worked with Styx on their live album Return To Paradise, which turned out to be very successful for the band. This was a difficult project for Ioannis to work on as founding member and lead singer Dennis DeYoung and the rest of the band had opposing viewpoints on the project from the musical content to the artwork.

Tommy Shaw and Chuck Panozzo liked a painting that Ioannis had done several years before called Orient Pearl. After making a few digital additions to the original at the band’s request the finished piece was presented and quickly became a fan favorite. It was merchandised as t-shirts, buttons and posters.

Ioannis has created twenty five (25) canvas prints measuring 20″ X 24″ unframed. This is the approximate size of the original painting. Each of the prints are printed in archival inks. Ioannis has hand painted certain sections of each individual canvas print making it a one of a kind original and the closest thing to owning an original Ioannis/Styx painting.

The canvas edition will be limited to these twenty five (25) pieces and not reproduced again. Artwork and prints come hand signed by Ioannis and with Certificates of Authenticity.


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