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Ioannis : Rob Thorne is a fan of my work from way back in 1987 when I did Fates Warning. so when we reconnected in late 2008 and he played me the music of his reformed band SACRED OATH I agreed to do the artwork. The concept came from listening to the music and lyrics, and the general mood of the piece.

Fates Warning cover Specter Within was one of Rob’s favourites and thus the style of painting we wanted to do the piece as. It was a lot of fun to revisit that style almost twenty years late. There is a lot of detail and hidden images in the art and it is fun to discover them. The band and fans were very positive on the art, a number of other images were also created and it was all housed in a deluxe digipak package with band photos courtesy of my friend Mark Weiss. A limited edition promotional print was produced and a merchandise line. It has quickly become one of my favourite images.


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