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FATES WARNING -SPECTRE WITHIN. (Dark Angel) 1986 Acrylic, inks 30×30 inches.

Ioannis: This painting became the cover of FATES WARNING, SPECTER WITHIN album. It was based on a drawing that Jim Matheos saw which was based on a character created for a comic book me and my brother were going to do called DARK ANGEL. It became one of the bands strongest images and a favorite with the metal fans. This was the first artwork that I did for the young band. At the time I worked primarily as a Illustrator and had just started to grapple with album design. The album was designed by the art director of ENIGMA records and its not particularly well put together. I also painted a back cover that has been lost. To complicate matters the seperations were awful never capturing the look of the original. However in 2002 the label did a repackage of the album and it was a much nicer job. I did a limited edition print and a fine art canvas hand retouched print to commemorate the anniversary re release. In 2006 I licensed a poster under the title DARK ANGEL that was sold in poster shops around the world.

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