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FATES WARNING AWAKEN THE GUARDIAN (Narcosis)1987 Acrylic,enamels, inks, 30×30 inches.

Ioannis: This painting became the cover of FATES WARNING, AWAKEN THE GUARDIAN album. It was at the time one of the hardest pieces I had ever done failing in the first two attempts finishing the final version in 2 days. This was also the first time I completely art directed the package producing a front, back and inner sleeve art, also hiring Mick Rock to do the photography. To this day it has become a immensely popular image especially with the prog-metal fans. It was a continuation of the story from the last album sort of a concept thread. I wasn’t that fond of it at first but years later it has grown on me. Interestingly enough at the time the band was also unsure of it. Later on they confided to me that it became their most famous image. I did a limited edition print and a fine art canvas hand retouched print to commemorate the anniversary re release. In 2006 I licensed a poster under the title NARCOSIS that was sold in poster shops around the world. Also for the true collector, a edition of 25 Canvas fine art prints were done hand retouched buy me being sold exclusively at my store.

Price:THIS ARTWORK WAS SOLD for $20,000.00

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